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Exactly. We're awesome.

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Not everyone can hire an in-house team to build their project, but that shouldn't stop you. We've been perfecting our process for around a decade, specifically to cater to this need.

We know what you want.

You're looking for the people that think with you, and challenge your idea to make it better, and finally bring it to life. You're on the right website.

We know where you want to be.

No cheesy “we turn your ideas into amazing top-of-the-line magical websites” pickup lines, we’re bored of those too. Let’s just get to work and you’ll see for yourself.

Meet the Chief Executive Officers

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Tech & Creative

Hey, I'm Andy. I'm a full stack developer and UI/UX designer. Grew up coding, and I still massively enjoy it - be it when it comes to work or as a hobby. Super interested in digital design as well. When I'm not working or coding, you will probably find me gaming.


Tech & Business

Hey I'm Joe. I'm a full stack web and mobile app developer. I also handle most of the business and administrative side of Yellow. When I'm not working, I spend my time with my wife and our dog, or playing the guitar.

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Transmed UNHCR Boston Consulting Group Bernard Khoury Saudi Aramco Cherfan Tawil Patchi Souk El Akel Red Cross Lebanon Crepaway Opel Moishi

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